Monday, 26 May 2014

What Happened to Eurodance!?

Do the names Cascada, Basshunter and T.A.T.U bring back any memories? Don't deny it, of course they do!
For me, they bring me back to my early teens, when I thought it was acceptable to turn up to gigs/concerts in neon tutus and electric blue mascara.......
Eurodance was a huge genre from 1999 to 2009, and is making a very slow comeback with fresh, new (less cringey) artists such as David Guetta.
These song may only exist on your gym playlist but, I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane with this playlist of my favourite EuroDance hits!
Be prepared for cringey flashbacks, unnecessary scantily-clad women and a LOT of autotune... 

Infernal - 'From Paris to Berlin' 

 Basshunter - 'Now You're Gone'

 Cascada - 'Everytime We Touch' 

Ian van Dahl - 'Castles In The Sky'

Cascada - 'What Hurts The Most'

Narcotic Thrust - 'I Like It'

September - 'Cry For You'

DJ Sammy - 'Heaven'

Alexandra Stan - 'Mr Saxobeat' 

Robyn - 'Dancing On My Own'

T.A.T.U - 'All The Things She Said'

  Loreen - 'Euphoria'  

Agnes - 'Release Me'

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

School Disco Classics!

Ah yes! We all remember the good old days where our school hall was magically transformed into a disco. The boys gelled up the front bit of their hair and the girls bathed in a vat of body glitter before crimping their hair.
The clothes and dance moves where bother terrible, but when it came to the music, you could always rely on the DJ (aka the Headmaster or someone's Dad) to play these disco classics:

I hope this took you down a happy musical memory lane! I couldn't include them all, so tell me what were your favourite tracks!?

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

BBC Sound Of 2014

Exciting times for the talented 15 hopefuls for this year's BBC Sound Of award. This list was created by the views of nearly 200 DJs, music bloggers and music critics.
Previous winners include Adele, Jessie J and Haim, so it's a big deal for the artist who wins!
Personally I am rooting for Sam Smith to secure the top spot, but who knows?
What we do know so far is that 20-year-old George Ezra has come in 5th position and the amazing Sampha at 4th. Tomorrow morning the artist that came in 3rd place will be revealed.
The final winner will be announced this Friday (10th Jan) by Nick Grimshaw on his Radio 1 breakfast show.
The contenders:
Chance The Rapper
Ella Eyre
George Ezra
FKA Twigs
Chloe Howl
Nick Mulvey
Royal Blood
Say Lou Lou
Luke Sital-Singh
Sam Smith

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

'to the left, to the left...'
Are you full of emotion? Feeling fierce/independent? Or just want to listen to Beyonce songs?
Well, this is the site for you!
Just fill out a few questions about your feelings and the boffs behind the site will hook you up with a Beyonce song to suit your mood!
Genius, right?