Sunday, 21 April 2013

Classical Music You Already Know (And Secretly Love)

Not everyone enjoys Classical/orchestrated music music, but there are a few songs from ads, film and TV shows that we can't help but sing along to (and even enjoy!)
Here is a list of pieces that you have probably heard before (and probably like!).
Feel free to comment below if you want a track added!
  - Tempo Tribe   xx
 - Does a certain theme park come into mind?

4. 'Montagues And Capulets' - Prokofiev - ('Romeo And Juliet'
- Made famous as The Apprentice UK Theme song

5. 'May It Be' Enya  ('Lord Of Te Rings')
-Beautiful and relaxing

 - Oh come on, you cannot deny knowing this one!

8. 'Waltz of the Flowers'- Tchaikovsky ('The Nutcracker')

 - The song you have heard millions of times, but didn't know the name of.

 - Famous for that extremely high note!

11. 'Hedwig's Theme' - John Williams ('Harry Potter')
 - If you say you haven't heard it, you are lying!

- Used in British Airwaves ads


  1. LOVE the music from The Nutcracker. And Hedwig's Theme is such a classic. xx