Friday, 24 May 2013

The Great Gatsby Motion Picture Soundtrack

Every now and then, a massive film comes along that almost everyone falls in love with. The acting is superb and the music is stunning. This is exactly how I feel about the music from Baz Luhrumann's The Great Gatsby. This is one of those mega-hyped up films that needed a killer soundtrack to cement the film's blockbuster-esque status in movie history (and to make it more memorable and then to pick up awards, of course). But did it deliver? Yes and no, in my opinion.

The album sample was leaked onto YouTube about a month ago, so I had a listen and was quite impressed with most of the songs, but not all of them. I guess I was a bit confused as it was such an eclectic group of artists with different styles and different genres. I have to admit that I was not a fan of Beyonce's cover of Amy Winehouse's 'Back To Black'. This is because it was made to sound really sensual and therefore lost the really meaning behind the original song and lyrics - it lacked a bit of taste and soul in my opinion.

Many variations of Lana Del  Rey's 'Young and Beautiful' are played throughout the film: a slow-paced (almost haunting) version for a key scene in the film and then a jazz variation played by the band in a party scene just to name a few. It's a very important song in the film and is eerily resonant in most of the scenes.

The likes of Jay Z, Jack White, Emeli Sande, The XX, Florence + The Machine and Lana Del Rey make the soundtrack really colourful and the fusion of Charleston, rap, alternative and indie is pretty special.
Many people are unimpressed with the soundtrack simply because they do not think there should be so much rap and hip hop on the album when the film is set in the 1920. But they just need to educate themselves  at but more and look into the history of those genres (if they can be bothered).

The track-list is as follows:
1.   100$ Bill - JAY Z
2.   Back To Black - Beyoncé x André 3000
3.   Bang Bang -
4.   A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got) - Fergie + Q Tip + GoonRock
5.   Young And Beautiful - Lana Del Rey ( the stand-out song in my opinion)
6.   Love Is The Drug - Bryan Ferry with The Bryan Ferry Orchestra
7.   Over The Love - Florence + The Machine
8.   Where The Wind Blows - Coco O. of Quadron
9.   Crazy in Love - Emeli Sandé and The Bryan Ferry Orchestra
10.  Together – The xx
11.  Hearts A Mess - Gotye
12.  Love Is Blindness (U2 Cover) – Jack White (another one of my favourites off this soundtrack)
13.  Into the Past - Nero
14.  Kill and Run - Sia

Have you seen the film or heard the soundtrack yet? Let me know what you think! 


  1. I haven't seen it yet but I really want to! I've heard good and bad things about the soundtrack but I reckon it's gonna be great :) fab post dear :) xx

    1. Thanks Amber! Hope you like the film and music! xx