Saturday, 4 May 2013

Music Focus: M.O.

Top Track: 'Wait Your Turn' - M.O. <<< have a listen!
I found this band's music by accident. A well-known American youtuber featured the song 'Wait Your Turn' in the background of one of his videos and my suddenly ears pricked up with surprise  The opening six seconds had me already nodding my head to the beat and I had to find out who was behind it straight away. I found out that it was M.O. after reading the comments (seemed about 100 people wanted to know too) and then I listened to the entire track. Impressing stuff - it is very fresh and a great dance track.
The group consists of  Annie, Frankee and Nadine and 'M.O.' stands for 'modus operandi(nice bit of Latin there) or 'method of operation' in English
From the music video and  pleasant harmonies, you can tell these ladies have bundles of personality and will surely get signed soon, #FingersCrossed.
There is definitely a place for them in the British girl-band market and I can tell great things are coming their way.
Have a listen to the track and let me know what you think. Follow that band on twitter HERE.

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