Friday, 12 July 2013

Music Focus: Neon Jungle

Brace yourselves, people! There is another girl group emerging from the musical horizon and they have a fresh, killer sound/look. Introducing Neon Jungle, from London, Suffolk and Scotland, aged between 16 and 20.
The group formed earlier this year and were snapped up by music label giants RCA in a flash. I found out about them on twitter and then read their Hunger Magazine Interview. Before I had even heard any of their material, I could sense their punchy and fierce attitudes. Then I had a listen to a snippet of their début song 'Trouble' and I was impressed with their sound.
From what I have heard so far, the four-piece have an electronic vibe, with punchy rap (almost grime-y) sections in their songs, which may not be to everyone's taste, but it's fresh and exciting!

The girls are currently doing school tours around the country and are finishing up their album, which one member stated 'won't be put in one category' [genre-wise]. That kind of backs up my view of their sound from what I heard of their live performances.
With a good PR team, social media and lots of support, Neon Jungle could be rivalling the likes of Stooshe, M.O and The Saturdays in the future. Overall, they are a very promising group.

The video for the single 'Trouble' drops on Monday 15th July and it will officially be released on 1st September.S o watch this space! 

Neon Jungle Official Site - not much to it yet (needs sound clips, images, bios, etc!!)
Neon Jungle Soundcloud
Individual Twitters: Amira, Shereen, Jess and Asami 

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