Saturday, 13 July 2013

Music Focus: AlfieConnor

Introducing guitarist and singer, AlfieConnor.  He sounds like the love-child of Luke from the Kooks, Dan Smith, Jeff Buckley and a bit of Nick Drake... but that is just my opinion.
I am a bit annoyed that he is not written about more in the press, because he is a real emerging talent and should be better known in the music and social scene (or maybe I am just being impatient?). 
With that said, it doesn't mean he's not getting heard by the people. He toured with Tom Odell and did a few shows with Indie-Rock band Life In Film a few months back - so it's not all doom-and-gloom. 
So if he's not in the press, how did I find him? Well, I was twitter stalking Tom Odell (you know how much I love his music) and I came across a tweet about Alfie on there. After a quick YouTube and Google search, I found quite a few of his original tracks and gave them a listen. Guitar music is coming back, y'all! 
It is easy to think that his musical style is simple just because it consists of a guitar and some vocals - but there is something special rooted in said vocals and guitar music. It's rock, indie and soulful - which not many young male artists are doing, so it is really refreshing.

AlfieConnor is based in both London and Sheffield and has already dropped a few tracks on Soundcloud and YouTube (lucky us!). I am sure people will dispute the genre and how good his lyrics are, but have a listen and make up your own mind.
Ear lovin' ♫ ♪

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