Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Music Focus: Platonic

Introducing Annabelle, Zanesha, Terri-Li as Platonic a girl-group from London and Manchester! 
They describe their sound as commercial pop/rock and are named after Platonic Solids (if you know your maths and geometry, you'd get it!). It's actually a bit deeper than that though - as no matter how it's cut, all sizes are still equal.
Their image/style looks fabulous and you can tell that they are comfortable too. I hope their music also reflects edginess and flare as much as their outfits do!
I was about to say that they remind my of 90s band Cleopatra (comin' atcha!) and then found out that TerrLi is Cleo Higgins' sister! Seriously one cool and talented family!
The band are still in the early stages, so I am yet to hear music. I will update this when I hear some material!
Their EP will be out soon, so we can all have a  good listen to their sound.

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