Sunday, 29 September 2013

Music Focus: The Strypes

You got the look: the Strypes
Image: J Furmanovsky
I had never heard of this band or listened to their music until Glastonbury this year. What impressed me the most was not the fact that they are all 18 and under, but the fact that they are making the younger generation more aware of Rhythm & Blues and early Rock 'n' Roll music.
The lads from Cavan, Ireland consists of lead singer/ harmonicist Ross Farrelly (16), guitarist Josh McLorey (18), bassist Pete O’Hanlon (17), and drummer Evan Walsh (16).
It's also interesting the lead vocalist Ross is extremely shy, rarely talking in interviews and wearing dark sunglasses everywhere. On stage, he is a completely different person with so much charisma, talent and charm.
In the early days, Walsh, McLorey and O'Hanlon had a shared love of blues and practised in Walsh's bedroom before gigging around their hometown. They then discovered Farrelly and the band was complete.
After reading and watching lots of their interviews I know that they all know their music and every track on their debut album 'Snapshot' references a band/artist from the early rock days.
Even the band name  (spelt with a 'Y') is a reference the 'The Byrds', a US rock band from the early 60s/70s. (Elvis Costello, The Undertones, Jimmy Hendrix, The Clash just to name a few).

Paul Weller, Jake Bugg and the Arctic Monkeys have all praised The Strypes. Even Elton John is a fan, calling them a 'breath of fresh air' on a US chat show this year.
They supported Jake Bugg on his regional tour this summer and they will be touring with the Arctic Monkeys around the UK and Europe next month.
Their debut album 'Snapshot' with Virgin EMI is out now and currently at no.5 in the UK Top 40 album charts!

So, are The Strypes the saviours of Blues and Rhythm and Blues? They could be.

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