Monday, 16 September 2013

Music Focus: The Vamps

So there I was, flicking through the music channels when an interesting new music video came one. Their vibe was very modern and their their vocals were on point. After a quick Shazam, I found The Vamps were behind the song and I was intrigued as to where they came from?
Due to Bradley's high countertenor vocals in the opening of 'Can We Dance' and their baby faces, I assumed they were all around 14/15 and fresh out of theatre school.
 Turns out two of them are the same age as me (19) and the other two are 18 and 17, respectively, so that was an eye-opener.
The band consists of: Lead vocalist Bradley, Tristan (drums), Connor (bass) and James (guitar)
and they formed just a year ago, now signed to Virgin EMI Records.
These guys are not your typical manufactured boy band as they discovered one another through auditions and social media! They then bonded through writing songs together and playing instruments and The Vamps became a band - they should proud of doing it this way and actually getting somewhere with it.

Judging from their sound, they have probably been influenced by the late 90s-early 00s pop punk bands like Blink 182, Sum 41 and McFly.
They remind me of a younger McFly, mixed with Lawson and 1D (which I bet they have already started to get compared to). The thing is, these guys can play instruments, so are already in another league of the boy-band world.
They toured with McFly this year and then supported Selena Gomez  in early September. The Vamps have gained a large twitter following already due to young girls finding out about them through other teen artists like Selena.

Check out the music video above, it's almost at 2 million hits, so they are gaining popularity at lightning speed!
They seem like genuine friends and cool guys, so I can't wait to hear more from them and to see where 'Can We Dance' charts at the end of the month.
Can We Dance?' is out on 29th September 2013
Twitters: Bradley // Tristan // James // Connor

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