Sunday, 10 November 2013


This is a term I tend to shout when I am really passionate about a track. Here are some songs that are worthy of my cringey screech...
I saw them support Mumford & Sons this Summer and they were ace and really got the 15,000-strong crowd pumped. There are also about 12 members of the band, which is pretty cool. If you like that hippie, nomadic folk/indie/rock vibe, then this is the band for you!

I have liked Steve (now 'Stevie', apparently...WTF?) Appleton since the beginning, and still listen to his debut album a lot and it NEVER gets boring/old. 
Then he went to Japan for months, went silent on twitter and I kind of forgot about him... awks.
But he's BACK with a new EP (yay!) and his cover of 'Royals' is superb! He really made it his own and man, he can play a heck of a lot of instruments!

I don't even need to justify this song. Stevie is KING! 

I found this track by accident and thought it would be really bad. I have never been so wrong in my entire life. 
Don't let the thumbnail picture put you off, just listen!
The lyrics are deep and Allen sings with such soul, it's really beautiful. 

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